What are beignets — you may wonder.  They are french doughnuts.  If you are very curious read more here.  Perhaps a picture is worth more than all the words you can read on that link.

doughnutsI know about these doughnuts, or beignets, because I was born in New Orleans, and if you didn’t know — that was a city in the formerly French colony of Louisiana before it was bought from France by America.  So much for a short history lesson.

I like them because I have a terrible sweet tooth and am addicted to sugar just as much as almost everyone else is.  When I first arrived in Kathmandu last year and was staying with friends, I did start a rooftop garden using straw bale techniques and had grown some Stevia.

What is Stevia — again, you wonder.  Well, it is a wonderful herb whose leaves are ten times sweeter than sugar and totally non-addictive.  I love coffee, too — another addiction introduced to me by my wonderful grandmother in New Orleans.  Beignets, of course, can only be eaten if accompanied by coffee with chicory, a special blend made famous in the local French market there in New Orleans.

On those days when I am bored and want to revisit my childhood, I do silly things like teach my students how to make these silly square doughnuts.  Of course, they get covered by tons of confectioners sugar and a new generation is introduced to sweet teeth.  I can’t fight it — I love those doughnuts!  I suppose I will have to eventually become responsible and start growing Stevia in our school garden.  That is a goal for the near future.

Meanwhile, let’s make some more doughnuts and that good Indian sweet tea — thick and rich.


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