Fun Park Trips

I am lucky, I suppose, that the local amusement park is located in a nearby neighborhood.  It is a short walk from school so, from time to time, we plan an excursion there.  It is nicer than the zoo and the kids have more to do there.  We get a discount of 50% on all the rides because a former member of the school’s supervisory committee now works there.  That works out — it’s OK with me.

spatripSo, I guess I could have posted this video of the trip on the Videos page but it is going here, as well, to help me get some posts going.  Don’t mind, and remember when you were a kid.  Have fun!

I have fun myself when I go there and my favorite ride is the Bumper Cars, of course.  I think most of the students would vote for the Fun Cage we took them to.  I only wish we could import this design into the school compound.  Can you imagine going from classroom to classroom via a slide or rope ladder?  Now, that would be interesting education?

Just now our school compound has a huge hole in the ground.  I have been reading stories online of sinkholes opening up all over this world.  Well, this one is man-made and represents the foundations of the new school building.  At present, it looks like they are digging a new swimming pool.  That wouldn’t be a bad way to spend time at school, either.  Oh well, I must be dreaming again!



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