About DBlue

Put on your glasses, old fart!

Put on your glasses, old fart!

Dhane Blue is a retired American expat who has lived roughly half of his sixty-ish life in Asia.  He has a so-called educational background in third world studies, primarily community health and development.  Not believing too much in the Western model of development (colonialism and empire-building), he rejected what he spent so much time and money learning, and became an English teacher.  This was a good passport to travel throughout Asia — the Philippines, South Korea, Mongolia, Taiwan, Thailand, India, China, and Nepal.  Now, he prefers a simpler existence, feeding his small group of students in a local school hostel of Kathmandu.  The rest of his time is spent with younger students — those ‘buds’ of youth flowering into knowledge.  Most of his ‘Zen Tales’ are inspired by his experiences with these young ‘Buddhas’.  A profile of sorts of his background and experiences is online here.


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