thaieagleTibetan Dream Yoga is also called lucid dreaming.  It is the phenomenon of waking up within a dream and interacting within it like the director of one’s own film.  The usual experience of dreaming is one of being a passive observer.

Could this passivity within a dream be a metaphor for the plight of the masses of ‘zombie-like’ citizens programmed into mental slavery by society’s elites?  Haven’t you heard of the ‘herd’ mentality (sic)?  Then, if it is so, waking up within the dream of our shared reality is a metaphor for becoming an active participant in life instead of accepting the ‘bullshit’ doled out from society’s so-called authorities.

This doesn’t mean one has to become a political activist, for example, but instead an individual can be in control of one’s own life and be responsible for one’s own actions.  It means there can not be any more denial.  One can not continue to play the ‘blame game’ by tacitly accepting an authority figure’s control over one’s life and crying when that figure gets it wrong as always happens.  An individual has to make all the tough decisions for one’s own self.

It is up to each individual to become a co-creator within creation.  Like the beating of a butterfly’s wings, one CAN change the world in small ways or in big ways by changing one’s ‘perception’ and ‘experience’ of it.  This is what an elitist means by ‘creating one’s own reality’.  It is that easy and that difficult — both at the same time.


So, practice makes perfect.  I find I wake up at all times of the night, anyway, so I might as well start a dream journal and see what is ‘happening’ in the unconscious realms of my own psyche.  I hope to entertain, educate, and enlighten myself and whomever reads these words and understands what is taking place in the world we live in.   Or, at least, I can open a subconscious channel of communication with the universal mind of humanity and see what I can learn from the experience.  Join me if you would!


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